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Academic Excellence Courses

We are inspired to offer our Academic Classes as a trade which is to aspire and enhance your child's learning ability. These courses are designed to stretch your child's ability and magnify their knowledge by preparing them for the world at a very young age. 

Enrollment Orientation & Tours

Every Thursday of each Month


Before your child's first day of school, we ask that all THBS Academy Parents attend one of our Weekly Orientation Sessions. We find it highly effective to have Parents to attend our Orientation before their child can be completely enrolled in our program. This way we can gain your attention to review our Parent Handbook, discuss rules and regulations, Fees, our referral program along with your 1 week vacation. This way we can address any questions you have directly and you will have better understanding about our Academy as well as how we stand out from other facilities.

Early Learning Infant Zone

Our early learning program is designed to assist your child in obtaining the motor skills they need to excel to the next learning stage. We focus solely on visual learning, self awareness, outdoor explore, tummy time and much more.

We use several different learning mechanisms such as "Teach My Baby Learning Kit". The learning kit includes first words, numbers, sounds, touch etc. 

Ages 1 - 2 Toddler Program 

Our Toddler Program consist of a variety of learning modules including board-work lessons such as ABC's, Colors/Spanish Colours, Basic Spanish Language, Numbers, Days of the week. Other lessons include arts & crafts,  sign language, learning worksheets, assessments and much more. 

Ages 3 - 4 Pre K Program 

Our Pre K Program consist of learning Spanish as a second language. Enhanced Sign Language, Home Economics, Enhanced Sign Language, Science Exploration, Reading Comprehension.  

Ages 5 - 12 After School Trade Program 

Our Afterschool/Trade Program consist of Homework assistance, study hall sessions as well develop job training such as data entry, prep cook etc.



Our Etiquette program is designed to teach your children how to conduct to be observed in social or official life. Good manners go hand-in-hand with leadership. We use a progressive series of fun and interactive etiquette events to impart social skills, emotional IQ, and confidence that come from a solid foundation in the rules of etiquette. 

Entrepreneurship and Investment explores personal finance, investing, public speaking, and entrepreneurship. Students have the chance to start their own businesses and connect with entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Lessons lead students through the exploration of the basic elements of music including rhythm, melody, harmony, form, timbre, and expressive qualities. Students work with these building blocks in the context of the creative process: imitation, exploration, improvisation, and composition.

Emphasizing respect and cooperation, the music classroom is a safe place to take creative risks with voice, instruments, and movements that we will happily explore.


Visual Arts is a hands-on experience where students are exposed to a variety of media including drawing, printmaking, architecture, sculpting, painting, and ceramics. Students develop their skills in an environment that emphasizes creative expression and an appreciation for the contribution of others. Students are encouraged to experiment and take risks in order to develop their creativity, skills, and imaginations.

Students at all grade levels:


  • Are exposed to various styles - representational or realistic, stylized, impressionistic, and abstract.

  • Study different historical periods, including the 20th century.

  • Work with fine art and traditional crafts.

  • Develop the ability to analyze and describe works of art from various historical periods and different styles.

  • Learn to appreciate a variety of art works.


The Annual Arts Celebration is a culmination of the year's work by all students throughout the entire school. The multi-purpose room is transformed into an art gallery - showcasing hundreds of paintings, watercolors, pastels, ink drawings, prints, sculptures, weavings, and more. You can view a sampling of last year's celebration by visiting our online Art Gallery.

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