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Events & Workshops

We have several upcoming events and workshops for parents and their children. 

Enrollment Orientation & Tours

Every Thursday of each Month


Before your child's first day of school, we ask that all THBS Academy Parents attend one of our Weekly Orientation Sessions. We find it highly effective to have Parents to attend our Orientation before their child can be completely enrolled in our program. This way we can gain your attention to review our Parent Handbook, discuss rules and regulations, Fees, our referral program along with your 1 week vacation. This way we can address any questions you have directly and you can 


5 to 12 years 

Days & Time - 7:30 - 4:30 pm 

Our Summer Camp starting rate is $180 per week

Summer Camp includes some paid field trips, Film classes, Kid Zumba and much more. Please be advised that any supplies needed for our elective classes are not included in the weekly tuition cost. 


Every Tuesday and Thurs


Hip Hop Zumba is for children ages K-12. This is a high energy, exciting dance class specifically designed for children, but with an emphasis on Hip Hop music. Classes are set up with kid friendly music, movements, and routines. Hip Hop Dance is a great fit for children and it creates an environment of excitement around being healthy and active!  Dance instructors are certified Zumba Kids instructors, which certifies them to teach k-12 year old children. Siblings andParents can attend with their child for half price. See Bookings


Drop In Care $65.00


THBS Super Saturday Drop In Care is designed to give Parents a day out on the town, while giving their child a chance to experience a day of extraordinary excitement. We will have a fun filled itinerary, which includes Paint and Play, movies and popcorn, mini field trip for free play and a picnic at the park or a Kidz Party 2 Pizza Party and much more. As every Saturday will be different.

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