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Project KidZ



About Project KidZ

Preparing Our Youth for The Future

Project KidZ is a NonProfit Organization that has Partnered with THBS Academy. Together we cater to Young Adults, Teens, Children and infants within the Gwinnett County area. We focus on the development of their mindset and growth. Each group is broken down by age and their ability to learn. Here at Project KidZ we provide all youth with visul learning skills, motor skills, life skills, proper etiquette, business etiquette, business building, goal orientation and decision making that will help to guide them in choosing the best career for them. The way we do this is by introducing them to different academics that they may not have normal access to. Providing great opportunity to pair them with an internship in the business or career of their choice. We are inspired to offer our Academic Classes as a trade which is to aspire and enhance your child's learning ability. These courses are designed to stretch your child's ability and magnify their knowledge by preparing them for the world at a very young age. Our Outreach Program is for children all over Georgia. However, your child must be in associated with THBS Academy in order to attend the program at this time. However, we will have several different opportunities that will cater to all children in or outside of THBS Academy as well as outside of Georgia. 

What your child will learn
COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19 THBS Academy And Project KidZ are following the health guidelines to protect everyone in attendance. With that being said we're now only enrolling students in our regular day and academy Program as well as our Business/Entrepenuer and Etiquette Programs which will be in house as well as our online virtual learing at your request. Music and Film will resume slowly as we make sure we can create a safe environment for everyone to work, study and learn in. 


Our Virtual Learning Program

is designed to assist with our updated COVID-19 new normal safety guidelines for our advanced online learning programs that includes a basic computer course to assist children and their parents during this 2020 COVID-19 (transition) Season. We will be covering all main courses designated to pass to the next grade level. Although we are a private academy that provides early childcare Learning we also provide after school assistance with homework help and virtual learning in addition to our in school programs. Slots will fill fast. Apply NOW! 


Our Basic Computer Course is designed to assist children and their parents with the basic information needed to not only understand virtual learning but to accomplish the goal of completing each course with confidence and the expectation of passing every assignment provided. 


Our Etiquette program is designed to teach your children how to conduct to be observed in social or official life. Good manners go hand-in-hand with leadership. We use a progressive series of fun and interactive etiquette events to impart social skills, emotional IQ, and confidence that come from a solid foundation in the rules of etiquette. 

Entrepreneurship and Investment explores personal finance, investing, public speaking, and entrepreneurship. Students have the chance to start their own businesses and connect with entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Lessons lead students through the exploration of the basic elements of music including rhythm, melody, harmony, form, timbre, and expressive qualities. Students work with these building blocks in the context of the creative process: imitation, exploration, improvisation, and composition.

Emphasizing respect and cooperation, the music classroom is a safe place to take creative risks with voice, instruments, and movements that we will happily explore.


Visual Arts is a hands-on experience where students are exposed to a variety of media including drawing, printmaking, architecture, sculpting, painting, and ceramics. Students develop their skills in an environment that emphasizes creative expression and an appreciation for the contribution of others. Students are encouraged to experiment and take risks in order to develop their creativity, skills, and imaginations.

Students at all grade levels:


  • Are exposed to various styles - representational or realistic, stylized, impressionistic, and abstract.

  • Study different historical periods, including the 20th century.

  • Work with fine art and traditional crafts.

  • Develop the ability to analyze and describe works of art from various historical periods and different styles.

  • Learn to appreciate a variety of art works.


The Annual Arts Celebration is a culmination of the year's work by all students throughout the entire school. The multi-purpose room is transformed into an art gallery - showcasing hundreds of paintings, watercolors, pastels, ink drawings, prints, sculptures, weavings, and more. You can view a sampling of last year's celebration by visiting our online Art Gallery.

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